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Company Bylaws, Codes & Policies

Policies and Codes

Eternit has had a code of ethics since 2004, disclosed and provided to all its employees, which is available for consultation on the Company’s website. In addition to this in 2006 the company established a Management Excellency Program (since 2012: Integrated System Policy), whose policy is based on environmental, health and safety directives, seeking to maintain the sustainability of the business. Since 2002 the company has had a Manual for the Disclosure and Use of Information and Trading Policy for securities issued by Eternit S.A., which regulate the activities of those holding privileged information.


The Board of Directors Meeting on 2020 approved the policies listed below in order to comply with B3’s Novo Mercado Regulations and the corporate governance best practices laid out by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC):

As described in the Bylaws, newspapers disclosure used by Eternit are the Diário Oficial do Estado de São Paulo e Valor Econômico.

Disclosure Manual

On July 22, 2002, Eternit adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting, a policy of disseminating information through the creation of a Manual on Disclosure and Use of Information and Policy for Trading Securities Issued by Eternit SA

The term adherence to the Manual is signed by:

(I) Directors, Shareholders and / or Senior, Audit Committees Bodies and members of other technical or consulting with the Company;
(Ii) officials and executives with access to Relevant Information, and also
(Iii) whoever, by virtue of his office, function or position in the Controller, Subsidiaries, becomes aware of information concerning the act or fact about the Company.