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Corporate Governance Model

Eternit’s adopts a Corporate Governance model based on transparency and equitable treatment in its relations with all stakeholders and on best market practices.

Its main goals are to ensure that the company operates responsibly, sustainably and in full compliance with Brazilian Corporation Law and with the Corporate Governance Listing Regulations of the Novo Mercado segment of the B3.

Eternit’s Corporate Governance model was approved by the Board of Directors on October 25, 2006, with amendments ratified on September 17, 2008.

Eternit’s Corporate Governance structure comprises the Board of Directors and its committees, the Board of Statutory Executive Officers and the Internal Audit. Eternit also is subject to audits by an independent firm, which is substituted at least every five years, in accordance with CVM Instruction 308/99.


  • Shares listed on the Novo Mercado of the B3;
  • Only common shares outstanding, i.e., each share gives the right to one vote in Shareholder Meetings;
  • Independent directors in accordance with the B3 Novo Mercado regulations;
  • Committees with participation by directors: Strategic Planning, Financial, Audit, Compliance, Legal, Human Resources and Operations;
  • Information Disclosure & Use Policy and Securities Trading Policy in force.