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Business Model

Widely recognized in the Brazilian market as the “Brand of the Owl,” Eternit is synonymous with durable, high-quality and high-strength products. This reputation is backed up by Eternit’s long history and by the popularity of its products, thanks to their accessible cost.

All Eternit products are manufactured in accordance with high standards of excellence, efficiency and quality, while upholding the company’s concerns and values, which include health and safety, respect for the environment and focus on the customer.

Roofing Materials

Fiber-Cement Roofing Panels: a complete line-up of fiber-cement roofing panels and profiles that meet the needs of projects ranging from the simplest to the most complex, whether residential, commercial or industrial constructions. The panels are strong, durable, economical and easy to install.   The fiber-cement roofing panels are manufactured by Eternit’s industrial units located in the country’s South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast.

Concrete Roofing Tiles: products that combine aesthetics with savings and easy installation. Concrete roofing tiles can be used for residential, commercial or industrial projects. Tégula is the leader in the Brazilian market in this segment, with a line of over 30 products.

Construction Solutions

Cement Cladding Panels: durable custom-made panels designed to deliver a superior finish. Made for those seeking quality, rapid installation and modern aesthetics.

Wall Cladding Panels: the industrial technology used to manufacture Eternit’s wall cladding panels delivers a high-quality product designed for those who demand agile solutions and streamlined use of materials. The panels feature a blockwood core reinforced on both sides with wood laminates and covered by compressed fiber-cement panels.

Mining Unit

Chrysotile Asbestos: mined by SAMA, one of the world’s top three chrysotile asbestos mining companies, with the product destined exclusively for export markets.