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Legal Notices

Considerations with Regard to Estimates and Forecasts of the Future

Declarations contained in the site related to the outlook for the company’s businesses, estimates of operational and financial results, and references to the Company’s potential growth, are only forecasts and are based on the expectations of the management with regard to future performance. These estimates are highly dependent on the behaviour of the market, the economic situation in Brazil, the industry and international markets, and are therefore subject to changes.

Many important factors, as well as those discussed in other sections of this website, may cause the results of the Company to be substantially different from those forecast, including, among others, the following:

  • The economic, political and business environment in Brazil and, especially, in the geographical markets in which the Company operates;
  • Inflation, and depreciation of the Brazilian Real and interest rate fluctuations;
  • Fluctuations in economic activity in the sector, in demand and in customer preferences and in the financial situation of the Company’s clients;
  • Competition in the sector;
  • The company’s ability to implement its business plan, including its ability to obtaining financing when necessary, and on reasonable terms;
  • Existing and future of laws and regulations, applicable to the activities of Eternit;
  • An increase in the Company’s costs;
  • The level of the Company’s debt and other financial obligations;
  • The interests of the controlling shareholders;
  • Events outside the company’s control; and

The terms “believe”, “anticipate”, “expect”, “estimate”, “should be”, “planned”, “may”, “could be”, “intend”, “envisage”, “forecast”, among other words of a similar significance, are indicative of estimates and forecasts. Estimates and future forecasts involve uncertainty, risks and assumptions, because they include information relating to the possible future operational or assumed results of Eternit, business strategy, financing plans, competitive position in the market, sector environment, potential growth opportunities, the effects of future regulation and the effects of competition.

Estimates and forecast refer only to the date on which they were made and Eternit does not undertake to publicly update all revise any of these estimates and forecasts for the future, in light of new information, future events or other factors. Due to the risks and uncertainties described above, the future events estimated and discussed on this website may not take place and are not a guarantee of future occurrence.